Tom Surgey’s English Wines to Watch


This month I am tasting widely and in large quantities (as ever…), but I am particularly enjoying the new releases from local English wineries. Not the bumper crop of 2023, which is not yet upon us for most producers, but the later-release wines from the stellar 2022 vintage. The earlier released, fresher-fruitier styles from this particularly warm, well-ripened vintage were positively received, and many are among England’s most consistent, balanced still wines ever.

The later-released wines, many appearing this month and in those to come, will have spent time in vessels like barrels or concrete eggs, gaining richness and depth to build on the core fruit. Keep your eyes peeled for barrel-aged examples. I am especially impressed with the soon-to-come-to-market and both very, very good Flint Chardonnay 2022 and Pinot Noir 2022. Both are exemplary examples of the opportunities for barrel-ageing and allowing time for English stills to mature.

Burgundy lovers, Chablis chasers, Sonoma snatchers—the lot of you—you must indulge.


[image: Flint Vineyard]