The importance of T in the G&T

Ah, that lovely sound of ice chinking in a glass, the spritz of fresh lime, the lively fizz of tonic, there is something special about the classic G&T. We have seen a gin explosion take place in the UK, according to the Wine and Spirits Trade Association (WSTA), more than 66 million bottles of gin were sold in the UK last year, up 41% on the previous 12 months.

We love our gin, but the tonic is just as important to guarantee that perfect taste. If you buy a delicious artisan gin and serve it with bog-standard tonic, you might as well be mixing it with washing-up water.

We are thrilled to announce that for our events this year we have a superb new tonic sponsor for A Splash of Gin. GEMELLii are brand spanking new to our shores and we know you will soon be seeing and hearing a lot more about them.

GEMELLii is a beautiful looking, luxury mixer brand from Italy, dedicated to quality, honesty and excellence using organic and natural ingredients.  There are 4 well-balanced (and delicious) flavour profiles, each variety is made with Italian water from the mountains in Piemonte and sweetened with organic Mexican raw agave for a delicate sweetness.

The classic GEMELLii Indian tonic provides a flawless and subtle citrus tone from Sicilian lemon oil elegantly merged with the sweetness of the raw agave.

The GEMELLii Bergamot tonic layers delicate notes of grapefruit, fennel and bergamot, sweetened with Mexican raw agave.

The GEMELLii blueberry tonic provides a fruity twist yet delicate texture on the traditional mixer, infused with blueberry juice against a pleasantly bitter backdrop.

Finally their Bitter XXVI is an aperitivo without alcohol. A well balanced bitter with a blend of 26 herbs that can be enjoyed on the rocks. It provides a satisfying bitterness defining the elegance of Italian Dolce vita.

If your taste buds are tingling then why not try one of these delicious spiced G&T recipes, perfect for the autumn evenings. These have been created by two of our gin exhibitors this year:

Spiced C&T

50ml Cuckoo Spiced Gin
150ml GEMELLii Indian Tonic
1 sprig of Rosemary
Sprinkle of Black Pepper Corns

Begin by chilling a large balloon glass with ice for 5 minutes. Discard this ice and replace with fresh ice to make your drink. Use lots to make sure your ice doesn’t melt. Pour in 50ml of Cuckoo Spiced Gin, then top with 150ml of your premium Indian tonic water. Stir with you garnish of Rosemary then sprinkle over some Black Peppercorns. Stoke up the fire, put your feet up. Get cosy and enjoy. You’ve earnt it.

Cuckoo Gin, from the Brindle Distillery in Lancashire is lovingly distilled with fresh water from their spring, using ingredients that are locally sourced and grown on their Farm.  They are joining us this year in London and Manchester.

Clove Actually

50ml Brockmans Gin 
150ml GEMELLii Indian Tonic
Garnish: Strip of grapefruit zest studded with cloves and threaded onto a cocktail stick with a fresh blueberry

Fill a glass with large ice cubes. Add the Brockmans Gin gently pour in your premium tonic water. Add the garnish.

Brockmans is a super-premium English-made gin, distilled using 11 botanicals from around the world.   They will be joining us in Cardiff, Cambridge, London and Manchester.