Susy Atkins asks which summer rosés to pick?

It’s here, at last! Summer, I mean, and I’ve finally stocked up the fridge with rosés. Which ones? There used to be little choice—the few rosés available in the UK were almost always simple, mostly off-dry, too often confected and sugary. Then, dry Provence rosé became seriously popular, and more sophisticated pinks sprung up everywhere, some with eye-popping price tags.

The Provencal style is a barely-there pale pink, bone-dry, and with as much tangy citrus as wispy red-berry flavour. Now, there are many from all over the world that imitate this version—to be honest, too many for my liking. Refreshing and elegant though it certainly is, I prefer my rosés in a wider variety of hues (literally—give me a light cerise or orange sunset colour as well as pale candy-pink) and with diverse flavours and aromas. We don’t ask that our reds and whites all taste the same, so why would we accept that in our rosés?

It was good to find, among the many Provence and Provence-style pinks, some more diversity at this year’s recent Spring/Summer press tastings. I liked the brightly fruity, strawberry-strewn New Zealand rosé (Craggy Range Rosé at Majestic £16.99 and Babich Rosé at the Coop £11.00), the dry but succulent, raspberry-tinged Sancerre rosé (try Tesco’s Finest Sancerre Rosé 2023 £15.00), the much richer, cerise-red Tavel rosés which can take on spicy food, and pinks with orange peel and rosewater notes from southern Italy (Waitrose’s Loved & Found Susmaniello Organic Rosato £7.99 from Puglia; M&S has a similar pink). Corsican rosés are worth a whirl too and again from Waitrose I would recommend trying Isula Mea Syrah-Sciaccarellu Rosé IGP Ile de Beauté £7.99.  And my favourite Aldi pink this year is its Specially Selected Bowler & Brolly English Rosé at £8.99 made from Pinot Noir—juicier, more red-cherry-ish than Provence’s style.

So, plenty to choose from—do make the most of it. I’ll be picking a beautiful bunch of pinks that reflect the true diversity of modern rosé right through the summer!