Perfect Pinks

Ah summer. The sound of bird song in the garden, warm evenings, the sound of a cricket match on the green, abundant soft fruit and Wimbledon. It seems that our summers are also not complete without some pink wine. We seem to love our rosé at present.

You only have to look at the shelves in your local supermarket to see how much space is now given over to this delightful pink drop to realise its popularity.

But have you ever given much thought to what makes the wine pink? Champagne is the only wine region in the EU where you’re allowed to blend red and white wine to make pink.

Elsewhere winemakers use red grapes and the skins create the pretty pink colours we love. The longer the clear juice stays with the skins the deeper the colour, and the grape variety can also make a difference on the final colour achieved.

It can take just a few hours of the juice being in contact with the skins to achieve the desired colour.   Saying all this there are some white grapes that have a darker skin and can achieve a pale pink colour when given time with the skins.

We consumers are also pretty picky when it comes to the shade of pink we opt for. There was a time when much darker, brighter, almost shocking pinks were the rage, Californian Zinfandel was the queen bee then.

However, the current trend is for a beautiful pale pink like the wines from Provence, Provençal pink as we call it.

Whatever shade of pink you prefer just make sure you serve it chilled, with friends and hopefully with plenty of summer sunshine. Cheers.

We have picked 2 pinks to enjoy this summer:

Rosé Duo des Plages, Vin de France 2018, The Wine Society, £6.75

The Wine Society are joining us for all our events this year and this rosé from Languedoc & Rousillon is made from Cinsault and Grenache. This is the perfect pale pink to enjoy right now whilst the sun shines, delicate red fruits, crisp and delicious.

Viñalba Malbec Rosé De La Familia 2018/19, Morrisons, £8.75

The wines from Hervé Joyaux Fabre never fail to impress and this rosé from Argentina is packed with lovely summer fruit. Viñalba are joining us in London and Manchester so if you are coming along to either of these tastings you are in for a treat!