Love Wine, why Susy Loves Chile…

Its official, we are starting to get very excited about Love Wine, Love Chile in September! It is not every day that you get to taste so many wines from the same amazing country in the same room.  Those talented Chilean winemakers have continued to produce wines at great prices that delight our taste buds ever since their wines first arrived on our shores in the 1990s.

Ahead of our 3 Wine Men Love Wine, Love Chile event, we managed to grab a few minutes with the incredibly knowledgeable Susy Atkins to find out what she thinks about this fabulous winemaking country…

What do you love about Chilean wines?

I love the diversity there is now – much more than ever before, a very wide range of styles, grapes and blends. I also love the fact that although there is ‘fine wine’ section of Chilean wines now, at all price points Chile can deliver extraordinarily good value for money.

What’s most exciting now about Chile?

The way the country is looking again at traditional grapes like pais and muscat and at the ‘old’ ways of winemaking. I spent some time in the Itata and Maule regions a couple of years ago and found the ancient vineyards and the re-adoption of traditional methods fascinating.

What are you looking forward to at the Love Wine, Love Chile tasting?

The chance to discover (as ever) new and delicious wines from different regions of Chile in all their multi-faceted splendour! A lack of uniformity will be very refreshing.

What are your top tips on what to look for?

Grab the chance to embrace the more unusual Chilean styles such as sparkling and sweet, or rarely seen grapes, and definitely make time for any aromatic rieslings and gewurztraminers from cooler areas.

Love Wine, Love Chile is a very special one-off tasting being hosted by Oz Clarke, Olly Smith and Susy Atkins, which will shine a light on the ongoing and extraordinary evolution of Chilean winemaking. Submerge yourself in Chilean culture with hundreds of wines to taste as well at this walkaround tasting. Many of the winemakers will be there in person so you can get the real stories behind the great labels.

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