Love Wine, Why Oz Loves Chile…

Over the last couple of weeks we have spoken to Olly and Susy about Chile and they have kindly divulged all that they love about the country. They have also given us top tips of what to look out for at our super-duper Love Wine, Love Chile event in September.

Now we turn to our own grand master of ceremonies, Mr Oz Clarke who he tells us what makes his clock tick when it comes to all things Chilean…

“For all this century I’ve praised Chilean wines as having the best flavours for the fairest amount of money. I’ve praised them for being the most reliable wines to go to when faced with an unfriendly wine list. I’ve praised the lush, ripe fruit of the reds and the breezy, juicy drinkability of the whites.  All at prices we can afford.

Well, Chile still does this better than any other country. But we’re increasingly seeing what a remarkably diverse wine country Chile is. Every year vineyards seem to stretch further north and south from what is already a barely believable 1,600 mile long expanse of vines. Yet in this long, thin vineyard paradise it is the move west towards the icy coast or up the daunting slopes of the Andean foothills that is the most exciting.

 And, although Chile does the modern grape varieties and the modern wine styles supremely well; old, forgotten vineyards with barely remembered vine types are also re-appearing, and their wines are made with ambition and imagination in every style under the sun.”

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