Ciders made just like wine at the Three Wine Men London Christmas Tasting

One of the fastest growing alcoholic drinks in the market, ciders made just like wine, are showing at our London Christmas tasting on November 22nd and 23rd.

10 of the world’s finest cider and perry producers, from 6 countries and 5 different counties of England will be exhibiting with not-for-profit producers’ alliance Cider Is Wine.

Cider Is Wine defines a category of ciders made – and intended to be consumed – just like wine. Each producer takes pride in their production, the selection of apples, the quality of fruit used. The attention to detail in production when making their ciders, includes the long, slow wait for fermentation and the many different ageing processes which make the final drink so magical, delicious and such a great partner across a whole range of foods.

There are 6,000 or so different apple varieties that exist and consumers are now beginning to find out about how diverse these wonderful ciders are. Passionate producers add their own unique ways of crafting the many different styles of ciders and perries.

Oz said:
“It’s really great to have these ciders on board. I am a big cider fan, and sometimes when I want a drink the fabulously tangy, fruit-forward flavour of cider is the only thing that will do.  Cider Is Wine manages to combine two of my favourite types of drink and I think our fabulous consumers at Three Wine Men will be thrilled by them.”

The Cider Is Wine initiative provides a clear definition and choice for consumers in what is a confusing cider world where words like ‘craft’, ‘premium’ and ‘traditional’ have lost their meaning.

Alliance members use the same essential production values used in winemaking, making ciders and perries from 100% freshly-pressed and fermented apples or pears. The majority of ciders on sale in the UK today are, perhaps surprisingly, made from just 35% fruit content, all of which can be from concentrate.

For consumers, these ciders are bang on trend with consumers more and more looking for premium quality ingredients, craft, specialty, distinctiveness, individuality, and provenance (regionality and locality), and they tend to be much lower in alcohol.

At previous tastings, consumers have more often than not expressed astonishment at the character and range of tastes that these 100% fruit content ciders and perries offer. As Cider Is Wine’s CEO, Alistair Morrell adds:

Feedback from consumers show that they are surprised and delighted with Cider Is Wine members ciders. They continue to explore and find more from the ever-intriguing world of ciders & perries made from 100% apples and pears.

Cider Is Wine’s aim is also to actively campaign for a global quality cider category where guidelines are rigorously adhered to, so a customer knows that a bottle carrying the Cider Is Wine endorsement is from a trusted source and has been produced to the highest standards. In a market where consumers are increasingly looking for quality, Cider is Wine will become an essential part in guiding those decisions.

Cider Is Wine will be exhibiting 100% apple juice ciders at Three Wine Men from Brännland (Sweden), Eden (USA), Chalkdown (Hampshire), The Kent Cider Company (Kent), Trenchmore Farm’s Silly Moo (Sussex), Thornborough (Yorkshire), Hallets (Gwent, Wales), Cindentro (Leicestershire), Armagh Cider Company (N.Ireland), Killahora Orchards (Eire).

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