Cap Classique – say hello to South Africa’s version of Champagne!

Those of you who came to Let’s Get Fizzical last month will have tasted some super fizz from South Africa. Here we look a bit closer at what makes these Cap Classique wines so special.

Word on the street is that South Africa is creating Champagne quality bubbly, at Prosecco prices. Gasp! How can it be? Well, Cap Classique is made using the same technical, sophisticated and traditional method as Champagne – except it stems from the grape growing soils of South Africa, and hence cannot be called Champagne, but rather its very own, Cap Classique.

If you have visited South Africa, you will agree that their wine regions are beautiful, their wines are fantastic and the value for money is incredible!   The quality of South Africa’s Cap Classique is in part a result of its diverse wine region and sunny climate, however nothing is left to chance.  The majority of Cap Classique producers are members of the Cap Classique Producers Association (CCPA), which plays an important role in constantly striving to improve the quality standards of wines made according to this classic bottle-fermentation method, keeping standards for the brand ever so high.

If you’re a fan of South African wine, you will be blown away by Cap Classique. The passion and enthusiasm behind the Cap Classique wineries are resulting in the production of bubbles that range from soft and delicate, to bold, complex and heartwarming. Varied terroirs are yielding different degrees of buttery, toasty, leesy, citrus flavours that provide exciting new (and affordable) options for the wide-ranging British and European palate.

For more information and to order your own share of South Africa’s finest bubbles be sure to get in touch with Cap Classique UK via their website