Tom Surgey’s English Wines to Watch


This month I am tasting widely and in large quantities (as ever…), but I am particularly enjoying the new releases from local English wineries. Not the bumper crop of 2023, which is not yet upon us for most producers, but the later-release wines from the stellar 2022 vintage. The earlier released, fresher-fruitier styles from this […]

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Discover Roussillon with Oz Clarke

Wines of Roussillon

Where’s the wildest place in France? Where is the wind so fierce it seems likely to rip the very hair from your head? Where is the sun relentless and tameless and rough, not soothing your skin but blistering it with its heat? Where do the rocks jut out from an impoverished soil, where do the […]

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For those who love Italian wine there is no better place to start that journey than with the wines of Castello Banfi.

It’s 3,000ha estate, with one-third devoted to vines, has the Castello at the centre of the estate, and was historically known as Poggio alle Mura, meaning walled hilltop. They produce premium wines using state-of-the-art research and working practices combined with a profound respect for the land and people from which they come. Banfi has vineyards in […]

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