3 reasons to (still) be enjoying rosé right now

1.         Summer is never far off with a glass of rosé in hand

Though rosé can be thought of as a summer wine, it may surprise you to know that rosé can break the seasonal stereotype to transition you from summer right through to winter. Not only can rosé skip across the seasons, it’s versatile enough to pair with a whole range of food, so you can think outside the box too. A delicate rosé style like Jacob’s Creek Le Petit Rosé has lower levels of sweetness and a tangy crispness to make a great partner-in-crime for a range of your favourite dishes like a roast chicken with tarragon or autumn vegetable pot pie.

2.         Rosé and autumn fruits just ‘want’ to be together

Take advantage of seasonal fruits that make a perfect pairing with rosé: figs, pears, plums, blackberries, quince and apples are all begging to be added to sauces, baked or slowly simmered. As for the pairing… think figs grilled with honey, served with crumbled blue cheese, and a glass of crisp rosé.

3.         Bring on the colour as the nights get darker

A sip of chilled rosé will not only refresh your palate, but will add a splash of colour to social gatherings on chilly nights. What makes it work? In rosé you can enjoy the pleasant structure from the tannins (from the grape skins, that also give the wine its blush), and the acidity from the early-picked grapes that make this style so refreshing. Just make sure to only lightly chill the bottle for around 15 minutes in the fridge, to enjoy all the fruity flavours.

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